Branding | Design | Illustration

Rebranding, logo refresh, and packaging design for Syracha’cuse in Syracuse, NY. A hot sauce direct-to-consumer specialty brand. 

Recipient: Syracha’cuse, Syracuse NY

Category: Branding, Design, Illustration

Brief: The goal was to preserve the integrity and equity of the original logo design created by Colleen Kiefer of Kiefer Creative. Typeface and the color system were a priority focus to create a bold, fresh mark. And the easter egg… rotating the mark 3.15 degrees as a subtle nod to the 315 Syracuse area code!

Active Role: Creative Direction, Design, Illustration

Wall Mural Illustration: In collaboration with Martín Pérez Gamas

Honey Cayenne Label: Bear and Bees illustration by Liza Coco