Retail Grand Opening. Marketing.

Grand opening activation of Francesca’s with an incentivized multi-channel promo; social, influencer, direct and cross-branding.

Cross Branding

Project Brief: To ensure a successful grand opening for Francesca’s in Santa Fe Place Mall, NM

Project Result: Worked directly with Francesca’s grand opening team to amplify incentive program. Proposed and implemented a hybrid digital and direct campaign, direct media distributed to targeted locations; yoga studios, cafes; client’s ideal shopper. Managed a crisis component; grand opening delayed, forced a creative approach to ensure positive online engagement and successful traffic at grand opening.

Tenant Feedback: Hi all! I wanted to extend my sincerest gratitude to the entire Operations/Marketing/Security/Admin/Management team at the Santa Fe Place Mall!  In over 16 years in retail I have never had such a fantastic group of partners to work with for a successful Grand Opening!  You are all truly special and I thank you for your support, quick response to help, and for the generous donation of gift cards to market and ensure our Grand Opening was a success!  We were incredibly successful this weekend-and on our Grand Opening Day alone we more than doubled our Sales Plan and were #1 in our entire organization of more than 700 Boutiques!!!  We could not have done it without you! Looking forward to your continuing partnership!  We appreciate all of you! Warm Regards, Stephanie – Stephanie Economy, District Team Leader

Recipient: Francesca’s

Category: Retail Grand Opening Marketing & Advertising

Active Role: Creative Direction and Event Strategy

* this project was proudly executed and completed during Andre Ivanchuk's tenure at SpinosoREG, and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of past, current or future affiliations