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Andre Ivanchuk is a Multidisciplinary & Brand Experience Designer and Consultant, whose work is deeply rooted in principles of Design Thinking, Emotional Branding, Neuromarketing, and Universalities of Art & Design. His capabilities and strengths are not only evident in his end-result, but equally within the processes and methodologies that shape and refine his work.

He is regarded as a powerhouse in his ability to maximize nuances of visual cues to create memorable brand experiences through various consumer touchpoints; whether in print, digital, products, spaces or communities. His domain exists at the intersection of problem-solving, design and technology. Andre holds a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts, including extensive studies and project involvements in the areas of Creative Thinking, Entrepreneurship and Retail/Exhibit Design.

Andre proudly holds the role as Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy with Spinoso Real Estate Group in Syracuse, NY where he oversees all marketing functions of a national portfolio of enclosed malls and leads an incredible team of marketing professionals.


Brand Experience

Experiential Marketing

Creative Direction & Design

Event & Retail Design

Industry Insight

Retail & Hospitality

Food & Beverage

Startup & Small Business

Non-Profit Organizations


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